Testimonials by Ailment

Allergies #1

“I have some great news! I’ve been having allergy problems and wake up every morning Quite Snotty. Not just blow mah nose snotty but havin’ a gagger. I have been taking a dropper full of Golden’s Organic Healing Oil before bed and one in the morning, orally. My allergies are now gone. I can’t begin to tell ya how it feels to wake up and be able to breathe clearly.”

Allergies #2 - Pollen

“I Love GOHO! It is the best cannabis medicine I have ever used. I suffer from allergies. In the spring I get so sick I cannot get out of bed and with the help of GOHO I have been up and feeling amazing everyday!”

Allergies #3

“GOHO for allergies – I was shocked to discover that GOHO is amazing for eliminating the histamine response in my body. As someone who has had many allergies, even triggering asthma many times in my life getting some relief is a welcome change. Even though we clean with chemical free cleaning supplies, each time we would clean the house I would break out into sneezing and wheezing. It felt as if I were developing the flu…every week! One time I decided to take a few drops of GOHO oil and within 5 minutes all of the symptoms were gone…no puffy eyes, drippy nose…completely back to balance. I tried this many other times as well and had the same response. So GOHO is now my go-to for allergies. Thank you for this beautiful product.”

Arthritis #1

“I have arthritis terribly and I have not had any medicine work as well work as well as GOHO! It feels great to be pain-free and happy again. Thank You GOHO!”

Arthritis #2

“I kept the bottle of GOHO that was donated to me for months before trying it (I suffer from arthritis). I was a little worried about using a cannabis product. I sucked it up and tried it one day when I could barely get out of bed. It worked great! I am able to walk without pain and I actually sat down and knitted a blanket for my granddaughter with no pain! I have not been able to do that in years! Thank you GOHO!!”

Asthma #1

“My 7-year-old child has been suffering from severe asthma for 3 years, taking inhalers 2-3x a day plus Prednisone and Singulair. We were told that she would have asthma all her life. We started giving her GOHO at an average of 1/2 an “0” size capsule at night for 14 days. That was almost a year ago. GOHO cured her asthma quickly and she is 100% asthma free to this day. Our doctor is confused as to what happened. Lol.”

Asthma #2

I do in-home care for the state of Oregon. One of my clients has terrible asthma. Completely nebulizer and inhaler dependent every day for the last 4 yrs. For the last 14 days, she has been taking your marvelous 1 a days !!! Yesterday marked day 6 of no nebulizer and day three of no inhaler@ all. She was even able to walk to check her own mail AMEN. God is good all the time, All the time God is good. Thank u so much my healing friend for making such an amazing product!!!”

Asthma #3

“I can breath with the help of GOHO! I have asthma and have had for years. I have had breathing treatments, shots and have tried every possible treatment or medicine that the doctors have prescribed me. I never had anything that works as well as GOHO! Simply amazing!!”

Autism #1

“My son 7 years ago was diagnosed with severe autism. He was self-injuring himself, non-verbal, non-responsive to anything or anyone. I was told after his diagnosis that I should prepare myself to institute him as I nor my husband wouldn’t be able to control him. When we first started off with GOHO, I was giving him 5-7 drops in the morning. We found right off the bat he was improving with eye contact and concentration on a task. After 5 days, he became pretty emotional trying to express himself, since this was the only new herb I was giving him we decided to add it to 6 oz of bottled water and he sips it throughout the day. All the improvements came back, and more gains were being seen with less and less emotional outburst (to this day he is doing this but only 4 days a week.) Now that we have had him on this since March 2013 he is more direct in his wants, and socializing with others is becoming easier for him to engage without much prompting involved. His appetite has gone up, and having some major growth “spurs” since March. (He was in a size 8 here we are 6 months later and he is going into a size 10/12). It also helps with growing pains when placed topically on an area that is hurting. His Natural Doctor who does muscle testing actually ART (Autonomic Response Testing technique via Dr. K.H. out of Washington State,) has been very impressed with your product, and now is testing it on her other patients with Lyme/ASD/Autoimmune issue – along with women wanting to get or are pregnant to help with other issues. I’ve been taking it myself and find I am in such a better mood, and less irritable throughout the day with 3 children in tow. My youngest son, who doesn’t have any neurological issues as he is my pure organic child, loves the drops directly under his tongue. He is always asking for them, he is 3 years old. It helps him settle down after a long day of play. I think he does have a little yeast/fungal issues in the tummy (from me, since I still breastfeed and is one of my main issues I deal with,) which has a connection of over hyperactivity to the brain. Just a couple drops and it slows that all down and he doesn’t become overly emotional. I do believe you offer another healing tool to overloaded immune systems. Many blessings to the GOHO family!”

Autism #2

“For a few months now, I have been thinking about using CBD oil for my son. He was diagnosed with autism back in 2009. He’s come a long way since then and I can only thank God for that. We still have issues to work through which I was hoping CBD oil could help with. We started GOHO about 3 weeks ago, giving my son two drops in the afternoon. We saw lots of calmness, interaction with his siblings (which doesn’t happen much), he even protected his baby brother from getting too close to our fireplace! My husband and I were in awe. The next morning, he woke up and came into my room and laid in bed with me–which usually doesn’t work out too well as he moves a lot and can’t stay still. The 20 minutes we spent cuddling lasted a lifetime in mommy time as we’ve never been able to do this unless he’s sleeping! He then said, “Mom, today is a perfect day.” I knew it had to be the oil causing him to feel so relaxed and comfortable. As the days go by, we see how calm and happy he is. Thank you, GOHO for letting us cuddle with our son for the first time in many years, and thank you for making this amazing healing product. God bless you! Sincerely, A happy mom!”

Bipolar Disorder

“I suffer from bipolar disorder and was about to throw in the towel and get on lithium. I couldn’t stop crying, even at work. I had intense suicidal tendencies. I decided to give your product a shot before surrendering to lithium. Within 1 day, I noticed a slight improvement. By day 3 I was amazed at how much more stable and grounded I felt. It’s now been 6 days and I am completely out of my low swing/spectrum of the depression I was stuck in. I am very grateful that my friend introduced me to this powerful medicine. Much safer and healthier than pharmaceuticals. Thank you!!!”

Bladder Cancer

“I truly believe that the wonderful magical oil is saving my dog’s life – he is getting younger and younger and all signs of his bladder cancer seem to be disappearing!”

Brain Trauma

“I decided to take GOHO after reading about how it helps kids with seizures. I figured it must help with brain trauma, which both me and my 12 year old son experienced. I’ll start with me first. I started with two drops in the morning and found myself visiting the bathroom a lot. I have done lots of detox and it just keeps going. (I was healed of lyme four years ago but clearly there is more to do.) On the third day, a huge parasite exited my body. Each week, I noticed something new. Currently, I am working on an abcess that I have had for a long time. It comes back when I take breaks. I have used it topically with amazing results.”

Brain Tumor

“6 weeks ago, I was introduced to a man whose child had a brain tumor the size of a golf ball in the back of her head. After a lengthy conversation about cannabis and GOHO, he decided to start his daughter on GOHO. 3 weeks later he calls me and says his daughter woke up feeling good and wanted to get out of bed and go for a ride. 6 weeks after starting GOHO, there was an MRI performed. They measured the tumor and reported a 25% shrinkage in size. Keeping in mind we all heal at our own speed, that to me is a miracle.”


“I LOVE GOHO and use it for literally everything! I always just figure if it doesn’t help, it won’t hurt either, so might as well try it! I have a friend who gets bronchitis every year and she just started having symptoms. I gave her some before she could go to the doctors and got this text the next morning: ‘I feel a lot better today, my fever is gone and my energy is back a little bit so I think I’m gonna wait one more day. That oil is crazy….I also put it on my burn on my foot and it’s almost completely healed overnight.'”

Chronic Ear Ringing

“Just wanted you to know that I have had a surprising thing happen…my chronic ear ringing that I have had for several years, and no doctor has been able to do anything for, has had the VOLUME turned down! It is just a light ringing noise now…this is HUGE! My ringing has been so LOUD that it makes me hard of hearing! It’s really strange…just like someone turned the volume down to low…I can function so much better with the ringing kept to a minimum! Maybe it will go away with continued usage of GOHO??? Hmmmm…we shall see… I hope I can afford to keep this up forever…..you must keep making the oil!!! Thank you! And a funny thing, when I am putting some drops in my dogs food, they try to lick the dropper, they LOVE it!!”

Cold Sores

“What used to take weeks…up to a month to get rid of my bad cold sore. Using GOHO, and having 3 really bad ones…it was only a week!!!!!! Oh yeah!!!!”

Connective Tissue Disease

“It was good to talk to you today. I really appreciate your assistance on my venture to good health. My condition is Mixed connective tissue disease combined with Sjogren’s syndrome and viral meningitis due to Herpes virus. The first day of GOHO treatment left me a little ill. I ended up with new unwanted nodules appearing on my hands arms and legs. I also had very greasy stools. I kept taking the GOHO hoping for improvement. This morning (4th day) I noticed the nodules had all disappeared from my body. In addition, my spine tends to fuse at night, and every morning I have to fight through muscle spasms to get my back to pop. This morning I woke up and didn’t have to pop my back. I was able to get out of bed and walk around without doing ANY stretching. My neck is always very tight and I can never move it to much without pain, today I was able to move my neck to the point where it self-adjusted and relieved my chronic headache. The last thing I want to mention in my mouth. I have nodules in my mouth that are supposedly bony tissue called Torus Mandibularis. They were about 12 centimeters in size and this morning they are about 6 centimeters. To be honest, I am in total shock and partial disbelief that this could be happening to me so fast. It has to be the GOHO since it is the only thing I have changed in my regiment of diet and medicine in the past year. I want to thank you for talking to me on the phone and giving me the encouragement to stay the course on the GOHO. I think you are doing a wonderful thing trying to help folks that are sick and suffering. I truly appreciate you assistance. May God bless you in you endeavors to improve peoples health naturally.”

Cuts & Scratches

“This stuff is amazing. Saw what GOHO did for a friend and her cuts within a few hours looked days old. I got a cat scratch and used some myself. I watched it close up and heal within a few minutes. This is awesome. Never seen anything work so well in my life. I am sold. Got ride of a headache I had as well. Thank you for the miracle oil.”


“My aunt, who has been suffering from Fibromyalgia for years, is now finding relief using GOHO. She say’s that she has only been using it topical and she love’s it! I suggested that she also takes oral and daily as that will do SO MUCH MORE than just topical.”

Forehead Wound

“I am so happy to be able to help a friend whom is 83 years old and took a fall. She had a serious looking wound on her forehead, like a bad road rash. Well, after a single applications (3 drops) of GOHO and 48 hrs later her wound looks like it is old news and soon to be completely healed up!”

Genital Herpes

“I contracted genital herpes in my teens and have been suffering from outbreaks after sex ever since. Not only are the outbreaks painful, but the depression I go through is a nightmare. I had 3 red spots pop up after protected sex and so I applied a drop of GOHO to each spot. Almost overnight they went away with no more appearing.”

Headaches + Skin Blemishes

“Golden’s Organic Healing Oil got rid of my headache last week so I could get a restful nights sleep. It is also healing skin blemishes, and I love to apply it on my face for soft smooth skin. I am sold on the amazing healing properties of GOHO and plan to keep it on hand for all sorts of medicinal uses at home. Try it…you will be amazed!”

Herniated Discs

“From 16.5 years of Firefighting Duties I now suffer from the effects of 4 herniated discs in my neck and the various complications that come along with that. I purchased a bottle of Golden’s Organic Healing Oil. This morning, when I woke up, I could not even move my neck and decided to try the oil on it and my shoulder. I am here to tell you that within 10 minutes of applying some of the oil, the pain had subsided immensely and I could actually move my neck!!!!! Thank you for suggesting the product.”


“My daughter came down with Impetigo, a bacterial infection of the skin that the doctor prescribed antibiotic for. Before filling the script, I put GOHO all over her infected areas. The infection was GONE the following morning. 100%.”

Indigestion & Acid Reflux

“I started taking GOHO several days ago, and I feel like it has helped my stomach issues tremendously, along with my frame of mind. This oil is a blessing for me! I was having problems with indigestion and acid reflux, and having pain in my stomach and gallbladder area. I’m pretty sure it is either an ulcer or gastritis as I have had gastritis before due to stress. The pain in my stomach made it hard to eat, but an empty stomach worsened the pain as well. After taking GOHO, my stomach felt much better in just a few hours. By the next day, I experienced a sense of well-being I haven’t felt in a long time! I am sure the GOHO is what has helped the most. I love this stuff!! My daughter asked me if I was drunk–and I said no, just happy!”

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

“I am so amazed with your product! Today was my 3rd full day of taking GOHO’s “one a day” capsules and my IBS is basically gone. Sorry if this is TMI, but the bloating and gas that I normally deal with after I eat are becoming less and less. I haven’t had to rush to the bathroom like normal either. Usually when I eat, I am in the bathroom sick in 20-30 minutes after eating. It’s simply amazing! Here we are 11 days later and I feel like my body is close to achieving a balance finally! I’m sleeping better, my mood/tension/anxiety level is pretty darn even and mellow, my arthritis is basically gone, my IBS is nonexistent, and my memory is even improving! I went shopping with my son on Thursday and forgot my list of approx. 25 things and remembered everything I needed. Keep in mind I was shopping with a 3-year-old who is constantly distracting my focus. I would never have been able to do that 2 weeks ago! I came home and looked at my list and crossed things off as I put them away and I had, in fact, remembered everything on there and a couple of extras I didn’t write down. I am so very happy and can’t believe how great I feel physically, emotionally, and mentally! It just keeps getting better and better!”

Knee Pain #1

“I am 43 years young, with the knees of a 60-year-old. All arthritic and such. I can testify that Golden’s Organic Healing Oil does wonders, where modern medicine has fell short. As the saying goes, A DAB WILL DO YA, I just rub a small amount on the aching area and I feel results almost immediately. I would much rather go organic than put man-made medicines into my body!!!!!”

Knee Pain #2

“I have had bad knees for the last 12 years and have been taking 60mg of methadone per day for pain. I’m 63 years old and it took 3 years of prodding by Golden to try his oil. I finally did and got 90% relief from pain. I’m down to 10mg of methadone and am slowly eliminating that. This shit is pretty awesome. Don’t be afraid to give GOHO a try. Thanks a lot!”

Knee Pain #3

“My husband has really bad knees he will be having them both replaced in Oct. When he’s in a lot of pain he puts GOHO on his knees and it really helps with the pain. Also, it helps me with the back pain that I HAVE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, IT.”

Lower Back

“The Seven Generations concert pretty much wiped out my lower back. Muscles tense up and pinch nerves, and that causes all sorts of havoc with my legs. It’s pretty painful, sometimes to the point of making it difficult to walk. Sunday about noon when I no longer had to be anywhere I tried a drop of GOHO in a glass of cold tea. In less than an hour, the pain was gone and lower back was feeling great. Today was physically way more intense, having to move 40 lb boxes up and down on a ladder from 10 ft high shelves and lots of other “fun” things. When I got home, I could hardly move. Everything hurt from my shoulders to the bottoms of my feet. I ain’t 23 anymore, no matter how I try to be. LOL Shower helped, but I was still hurting. Need to make a grocery run, but no way. About 15 minutes ago I put 3 drops in a cup of hot tea. I’m off to the store. Be back in a bit. Blessings, brother. ”

Lupus & Fibromyalgia

“I hope I am sending the message to the right place. I love Love Love your product thank you for it, and letting me be a mommy to my son that is the one thing I am soo thankful for. I have never felt so good during a flare LOL and that is soo hard for a Lupus patient to say. I know that might sound weird but, I’m not in bed with this flare. A flare could have me in bed for a week or more or could be a really really long and hard headache that would last up to 2 weeks with brain zaps to organs hurting and symptoms of my Fibromyalgia and Hypothyroidism confusion by simple task to keeping up with my son etc….Since I have had your GOHO for a week now I have had TWO flares which I think my body is healing and the Lupus fighting to stay alive in my body is an easy way for me to put it into words I have been wanting to rest a lot more but not like a flare. My husband said he really has faith in your product. My husband says he can start to see the old Brandi the (happy one.) So do I!! I don’t feel like the lion with the thorn in its paw. My hair is GROWING BACK!! and the most Proud Moment My Skin My Face. GOHO is healing it!!! I hope it does put my Discoid Lupus at rest. I wear my Lupus unlike a lot of Lupies out in the world. I feel really blessed that your product is working. Once more thank you so much! Pics to show soon!! One Love!!!”

Lyme Disease

“About three years ago I suddenly became very ill. I had very suddenly lost some vision, and discovered my retina’s were not in good shape. I was seen by the top Retinologists in the world. None of whom knew what was wrong with me. One said, “I don’t know what you have, but you have a good case of something!” I was suffering pretty severe fatigue, brain fog, and had many symptoms that looked like MS. I struggled with weakness, numbness, and tingling, internal vibrating, horrific insomnia. I could not retrieve words or think clearly. I definitely had nights where I was not sure I was going to see the morning. I was on quite a medical wild goose chase. My immune system seemed worse than an AIDS patient at times. Strange infections and viruses would appear. My legs felt like so strange. I literally flew halfway across the country looking for answers, but to no avail. I could barely function at all. By 4:30pm, I could only stare at the wall and prior to that in the day, I consistently had trouble forming sentences and talking well. Finally, a doctor I worked with withdrew a blood sample and sent it out to Advanced Labs in PA for a culture, which, ten weeks later, came back positive for Lyme. That explained a lot! When I looked back all the weird low-grade fevers that would disappear by morning, and the wasting look my face had taken on many years before all began to make sense. They estimated I had it for 15-20 years. I had quite a road ahead. I found a few natural things like enhanced absorption curcumin that helped with inflammation. I found a mitochondrial product that helped my energy quite a bit and was delighted that I could stay awake and function until 9 pm. I found something that helped my wretched insomnia. But I could not quite get the brain fog to lift. Once very articulate, I had such trouble forming sentences, finding words and thinking on my feet and that caused me a great deal of distress. Finally, I was blessed with finding GOHO. I had to start slow as I did experience die off, but after a few months of sticking with it, 5 drops in the morning lifted my brain fog. I can think clearly, find words, and talk quite normally now. Not only that but I’ve been able to work 11 hour days without feeling like it was going to do me in. (Not that I want to work that long, mind you, but the fact that I can is amazing!) Now that GOHO is on board, you would never even know that I was diagnosed with late stage Lyme two years ago. I am so grateful for this amazing healing elixir. I literally cannot function without it. It has been amazing for my healing and well being. I hope you never stop making it!!”

Menstruation, Cystics, Fibromyalgia & Thyroid

“I am on my second month and can not tell you the number of ways GOHO has helped me!!! Both my husband and I are taking GOHO! I have poly cystic ovaries and painful period syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and low thyroid. Basically a painful wreck! I am working three jobs to make ends meet because my husband in on disability. For the first time in over 25 years, I did not have pain on my cycle. !!!! Praise GOD for his healing plant and that so many of you are making products that heal and not get you high.”

Migraine Headaches

“I have been suffering from bad migraine headaches and nothing was helping. I tried GOHO and I have not been in pain with a migraine since. Thank You!”

Mouth Related

“I have been using GOHO for Receding gums, Tooth decay, Asthma is gone. Also, I broke out in a rash on my face that looked like cold sores all over. Gone now. Thanks and blessings!”

Multiple Ailments #1

“I took GOHO for about four weeks regularly. I used two droppers a day, spaced out. This helped build it up in my system. Within about five days after starting the tincture (GOHO), I felt constant relief from stress, anxiety, depression, agitation, irritability, headaches, muscle aches, upset stomach and it even helped with my digestion. By the end of the second week I was only using it has needed and not even every day. By the fourth week I felt pain-free, my tummy was still doing great and I had a handle on the emotional and mental symptoms. Now I only take/use GOHO when I feel like it- If I’m going into a stressful situation or if something difficult happens. I also use GOHO for pain after a tough workout or if my stomach gets upset from eating stuff that I know doesn’t agree with me. I greatly appreciate all that you have done to create and share this incredible healing oil! It really means a lot to our family.”

Multiple Ailments #2

“We have 4 community members that have benefited from GOHO 1. Has arthritis very badly in his hands…he has been using GOHO and we have all seen the drastic changes! He has been able to freely move his hands and has said they are not so tight and sore any longer! 2. Neck injuries from a car accident and was barely able to move her neck. Put the GOHO to use and now she is able to look around with minimal pain! 3. Tooth pain has been relieved and She says she also had a sore throat that is now gone! 4. Allergy symptoms are no longer a worry! and It makes acne disappear!!! We are very thankful for your donation!!! and We will be calling soon to place an order! Thank you GOHO!!!!”

Multiple Ailments #3

“My skin lesions on my head are gone and the rash I get on my hands goes away after treatment. Muscle spasms in my neck are controlled. I never take narcotics now. Again, thank you for helping me.”

Pain - Back #1

“I took my first GOHO capsule this morning. I am almost 100% pain free from my back pain.”

Pain - Back #2

“I am 72 years old and never in my life did I think I would try a marijuana product until I heard about GOHO and the healing it gives without the high. So I started taking GOHO capsules, one each day for 3 days now and for the first time in 20+ years I am waking up in the morning without back pain! I am a firm believer in GOHO.”

Pain - Back #3

“I just thought this product was too amazing to not share my story. I have this one particular spot in my back that is constantly hurting. By the end of the day, I’m laying in bed, sometimes unable to move due to the pain. I came home from work today and plopped onto my grandma’s bed to let my “back rest” before I headed home. My grandma suggested I tried a new product she just got that has helped her with pain. She rubbed G.O. Body Budder on my back and before a minute was up I couldn’t feel the pain anymore. I thought it was unbelievable how quick it took the pain away. It was almost as if the pain vanished as soon as she was done rubbing it on. I can’t wait to keep using this product! It’s almost as if I’m waiting for my back to act up again so I can try it out. Lol… Thanks GOHO!”

Pain - Cronic #1

“I have been on ibuprofen for 20 yrs. 800 to 1000 mg daily. Since using GOHO, about 1 1/2 months, I am happy to report I am off the ibuprofen!!! Thank you GOHO. Give thanks n praises to Golden’s Organic Healing Oil!!”

Pain - Chronic #2

“I have bulging discs in my neck and have suffered from chronic pain for years. I have used many cannabis remedies that have lessened the pain. I have been using GOHO for ONLY four days and I am pain free for the first time is so long I can not remember! I also have fibromyalgia and have not had pain for the last two days! Thank you so very much for this healing oil!”

Pain - Leg

“I am a private caregiver for a senior in her late 70’s who has severe leg pains. Over the weekend she was in so much pain she broke down in tears and said ‘I would try anything to help with the pain, even marijuana if it would help.’ So the next day I brought in some GOHO and applied it to her legs, the instant smile that came across her face was priceless.”

Pain Nerve +

“GOHO was the answer for my nerve pain after I stopped using Gabapentin and Cymbalta. And it cured my psoriasis. And it cured my ear ringing. The only “side effect” is Good Health!!!!!”

Pain - Wrist

“I can already feel the different on my wrist. I had a cyst removal when I was around 12yrs old and the bone didn’t grow back right and now it’s protruding. You can actually see it on my wrist. I started to feel the pain at night a few months ago and it wake me up every night. I had to run my wrist under very cold water to stop the pain. I applied only 1 drop to the wrist. I slept through the night without pain.”

Pain Related to Injury

“I know it’s been a while, but now that summer is winding down, I wanted to thank you! With the injury my husband has, he will never be pain-free, but with the use of the GOHO, he has graduated from 2 crutches/walker to a cane for limited distance which he is extremely happy about! It has accomplished some pain control for the increased weight bearing pain needed to use the cane without the use of additional narcotics that he hates. So WooHoo for him and a double WooHoo for you!!”

Pets #1

“Have been giving the ol’ pup 1/4 dropper a day and saw an improvement in his overall well-being within a week!! It’s helping to tame his bad arthritis!! Amazing stuff!!”

Pets #2

“GOHO for calming after trauma for puppy – Having a new puppy with established adult dogs in the house isn’t always easy. One morning the puppy crossed the line and got nailed by the bigger dog. It wasn’t an attack, more of a lesson. But the puppy had pain in his neck and was yelping in pain. I got my GOHO and put a drop on my finger and had him lick it off. GOHO along with a little Reiki and he was back to testing those boundaries in just a short period of time…with his neck just fine.”


“I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely lovely it is to be psoriasis free thanks to GOHO! I have permanent nerve damage in my legs, feet and hands due to GBS, and had quite an outbreak on my legs and feet. Now, after about 6 weeks of using GOHO both topically and orally, my skin is clear and beautiful! No more Corti steroids for me, especially because they do not work on a permanent basis. GOHO sure has for me! I use a few drops orally per day, throughout the day, and once a day in the evening on any tiny outbreaks I have, and like magic, my skin heals! Since psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, I believe Golden’s Organic Healing Oil has boosted my immune system, as well as reducing my stress level. Thanks soooo much! Love You!!!

Psoriasis & Eczema

“A patient friend of mine was having his partner massage GOHO into each knee every morning and out of the blue I got a call from the (unsuspecting) PARTNER who related to me that a psoriasis/eczema-type condition, which he has had since childhood, and which had impaired the functioning of his hands, COMPLETELY CLEARED UP!! Also, the original patient began taking the oil internally and now looks great and has put off knee surgery until further notice!!!”

Road Rash

“I got unexpected Road Rash on my elbow and knee Wednesday morning after a dog lunged on his leash and pulled me down in my gravel driveway so I immediately applied Golden’s Organic Healing Oil and later the same afternoon when a friend came over I showed her how rapidly the skin on my elbow (which had gravel in it) was mending and healing. She thought it looked like it had happened at least 2 days prior, by the way, the skin was closing up and healing so rapidly. The other bumps and bruises are healing rapidly and soreness and pain has diminished. Amazing stuff! I am needing to order more.”

Severe Allergic Reaction

“While we were passing through Wyoming yesterday my six-year-old son had a severe allergic reaction to something I do not know what. His eyes swelled up bad and turned purple. I immediately grabbed my GOHO and put one drop under each eye and then one under his tongue. It was 90% better within 3 minutes and 100% within 10!!! Thank You Golden Thank u God and universe! I keep Golden’s Organic Healing Oil with me at all times. It is my number one medicine!!!”

Side Effects of pharmaceuticals & Chemotherapy

“I was diagnosed with a primary malignant brain tumor in 2010 after 2 years of unexplained seizure activity and headaches. Since then I’ve had 6 radio surgeries, 1 stem cell transplant, 4 Blood Transfusions, several hospital stays from everything to seizures med toxicity to meningitis. In 2010, I had neuro surgery to remove the tumor since it was then sitting on my brain stem. During the surgery my brain started to swell, so they had to stop failing to remove the tumor. Once in recovery I suffered from 4 seizures and had a stroke. Mind you, I was only 33 at the time had just finished Mortuary Science school and a child going into the 8th grade…I spent 2 weeks in ICU an additional week on a Neuro Surgical unit and another month in a nursing home!! Then I was placed on Hospice and taken off 2 months later. I’ve found in my search for a cure or way to tolerate treatment that Cannabis in flower, concentrates, medibles and oil to be more beneficial in tolerating the side effects from treatment and meds than my prescribed medications. Often I cannot eat due to appetite or nausea and are in pain more than I’d like to be. There have been times where my meds made me so sick, I ended up admitted into the hospital. If not for Cannabis I’m a firm believer I would’ve died and not made it when they told me there was nothing else they could do to treat my condition. 3 months ago, the cancer spread to my lungs and today begins a 10 week cycle of chest chemo to treat that. Including 2 nodules on my thyroid, which have been diagnosed as malignant and will be removed in the coming months. Cannabis is by far the best treatment I’ve received compared to any cycle of chemo or medication described. GOHO oil has been the best solution in dealing with the side effects of my meds and chemo. Bless you for such an awesome alternative!”

Sinus Infection

“Apparently I had a sinus infection…dizzy dizzy dizzy..head hurt, I sniffed 1 drop of GOHO up each nostril x1 yesterday, 1 drop in each ear..just to cover all the bases. By evening the dizziness was almost gone..no headache. Today I feel great! Barely any dizziness..no headache..I’m gonna repeat the GOHO just to make sure. Giving thanks n praises for GOHO. And its maker.”

Skin Cancer

“Okay, my aunt just walked into my room to show me the cancer, that was on her nose, looks like normal skin in just 4 days! OMG! You guys this is crazy! It works! It really works! She asked her dermatology doctor and now the doctor wants the cannabis oil and has been going crazy looking for it. Golden’s Organic Healing Oil this is amazing. I converted my aunt into a believer. Cannabis oil works. I wish I would have taken before and after photos.””Update on the cannabis oil. My aunt went to the surgeon today to remove the cancer. The doctor said she had hardly any cancer left. She confirmed that the area was way smaller where the cancer was. She says she removed a much less smaller area than she was expecting. We believe that if she would have used GOHO for longer she would have been completely cured. So it’s confirmed by a doctor now. The doctor also said to keep using it in the area for the healing. Good job Golden’s Organic Healing Oil you have a good product. Glad I met you.”

Skin Infection

“I went and got a tattoo a couple of weeks ago to add to my collection. Sadly my 9 hour days working as a nail artist and having the inside of my arm rubbed caused it to get VERY ANGRY. It was working on an infection and not healing. Being that I avoid antibiotics if at all possible, I turned to GOHO. Within a few hours of my first treatment, the results astounded me. Overnight the red irritation was gone and in less than a week, I was totally healed. I wanted to document the amazing ability of this wondrous plant and this wonderful product! So here is my arm over the course of less than a week. I will be using GOHO for everything forever!! GIVE THANKS!!”

Smoking Cessation

“GOHO helped me to stop smoking! Every time I had a craving, I would rub some on my chest and then take 2 drops and my craving was gone! Thank you GOHO for helping me to become healthier!”

Spider Bite

“I woke up last week with an itch on my leg. The itch got very bothersome and by the end of the day, it looked like I was possibly bit by a spider. Over the next few days, it was getting worse looking infected and getting bigger. The itch was driving me crazy and the red ring around the sore looked bright. I dropped 1 drop of healing oil on the sore and the itch went right away, then a drop or 2 a day for the next 4-5 days until the spot was almost gone.”

Spina Bifida Occulta

“My son was born with Spina Bifida Occulta and Tethered Cord. He had surgery for his tethered cord. If I were to get him genetically tested he would probably test positive for EDS but I’m not into diagnosis. I do bodywork for his connective tissue which hasn’t helped the tight fascia in the neck, so I put GOHO on it. This is working nicely. I had him sleep on a Earthing mat and that did the reverse of what it is supposed to do. His foot started twisting because of a ligament that became tighter. I put GOHO on it and it fixed it. He has had chronic constipation due to the tethered cord and the GOHO is helping with that. I can’t tell you what a blessing that is. It works by ingesting or with topical use. There are so many kids taking Miralax everyday. If only the moms knew. I am a believer in this medicine.”

Sprained Ankle

“I am so amazed at the healing power of your product! I sprained my ankle on a hike and within an hour it had swelled up like a baseball and I could not walk on it AT ALL. I started putting Golden’s Organic Healing Oil on my injury 3 times a day and within 3 days, the swelling was nearly gone and there was virtually no bruising. I give thanks for GOHO. I never thought my ankle would heal so quickly. Thank you for allowing me to try this amazing product. It has become a staple in my household for countless ailments. Thank you, Thank you!”

Stomach Problem - Severe

“Hi! My dad has so many medical problems, it’s very unfortunate. I’ve spent so many days listening to my dad cry in pain and frustration over his medical problems. He almost never has good days. He has had many surgeries and takes a lot of meds. He has intense stomach problems and has taken over the counter and prescribed medicines to help calm it down, but nothing works. He is constantly trying to throw up whatever is trying to come up but can’t because of a surgery he had. He’ll maybe get 3 hours of peace every few days. We started him on the GOHO caps, but he went through that quickly. We then bought the small dropper and he went through that quickly too. It was hard to tell if it was making a difference because he had also started a new med that seems to help him at dialysis so we weren’t sure if that’s what was helping him or the GOHO. Well, when he ran out of the dropper he started having problems again so a week later I bought another dropper from progressive collective. When I got home he was having problems so I gave him some. Within an hour, his stomach problems stopped and he was sitting on the couch laughing and talking. The next few days I stayed on him and made sure he was taking GOHO. He hasn’t had ANY major problems since Friday. Any time he starts to (usually the next day when he wakes up) we give him some and he is fine. My dad went from not wanting to do anything to going to the movies with us as a family, going to the store, and just basically hanging out with us and interacting with us in the living room. He never wanted to leave his bed when he was sick, but now he’s laughing and able to enjoy life!! I finally have my happy dad back!! Thank you!!”

Ulcerative Colitis

“I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 10 years ago. It really hasn’t been a problem until my first recent flare up. I don’t take western medicine. However, circumstances were dire and I ended up taking some. The steroids helped stop the symptoms immediately but they are also extremely harsh. I was given other pills to try but nothing really worked. Further more, the pills were not healing in any way. They were only offering temporary relief. And all but the steroids failed at that as well. GOHO was absolutely the only thing I took that gave me real relief. It stopped bleeding, eased inflammation, stopped nausea, allowed me to eat and keep it down, and it helped me sleep through the night. I am a strong believer in GOHO. It works. Let it work for you. BLESS.”

Vaginal Itching

“I have had a feminine itch for the last 14 years and the doctors have no idea what is causing it. My itch is worse with the summer heat, when on my cycle and during/after sex. I have had blood test, biopsies and cultures done/taken. I have been tested for all STD and AIDs/HIV all come back negative. I have tried ever yeast, fungal and bacterial cream, ointment and pill. I have also tried steroid creams. Nothing as worked before till I tried GOHO. I use to wake up in my sleep scratching myself or not able to sleep in tears cause it was so bad. I can’t even put into words how thankful I am for the opportunity to be able to use GOHO.”

Vulvodynia - Sexual Activity Pain

“I am a sexual medicine physician here in Oregon. I have numerous female patients with significant sexual pain during sexual activity due to inflammatory disorders in their vulva. This is called vulvodynia. Traditional medical treatments are often unsuccessful. I have had several recent patients who have used the GOHO product locally to their vulva region and have experienced new pain free sexual activity. This is very important information.”

Warts #1

“Our 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed as having Molluscum Contagiosum, which are small warts all over the body. The doctors said there was no cure for it and there was nothing we could do but wait for the body to recognize it as a virus and start fighting it, which could take years. We tried an over the counter cure that was supposed to be organic and smelled like tea tree oil, but it didn’t work. Instead, it ended up infecting one of the lesions. So we did more research online, found your product, and tried Golden’s Organic Healing Oil on the warts. Within a couple days, the warts started to “die off” and begin to heal! Within about 4 weeks or so, they’re completely gone and the oil continued to help minimize scarring!! Today we can’t even tell they were ever there!!! Thank you so much, GOHO…our little girl feels so much better now!!!! This product is a miracle!!!!!”

Warts #2

“I’ve been using GOHO For some heavy duty warts on mi hands. I’ve gone to the doctor and nothing they have done has worked just made it worse. But GOHO after two weeks of applying to the biggest and longest lasting warts has already dried and shrunk them significantly. Can’t wait to see how they look in another two weeks! Many thanks for this miracle oil!”

Warts, Moles & Skin Tags

“So, my husband is full of moles, tags, warts all over body, have been putting GOHO on and he is taking 1 capsule at night. With in 3 days, you can see a huge difference!! Love it.”


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