FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How is GOHO different from RSO?
A: RSO makers use hazardous extraction materials, such as Naphtha, Ethanol, Ether, n-Heptane, Isopropanol, or Acetone.
GOHO only uses Organic Olive Oil.

Q: Does GOHO get you high?
A: No. GOHO contains 0.05% THC or less.

Q: What is the shelf life of GOHO?
A: GOHO has a shelf life of over one year when stored out of direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Q: Is GOHO diabetic safe?
A: Yes. GOHO has no sugars and offers quick and potent healing for diabetics and non-diabetics alike.

Q: How much GOHO do I take orally?
A: A little goes a long way. One size 3 capsule (0.30 ml) a day is good, two-three capsules a day for faster results. From a dram bottle, ingest one full dropper (0.30 ml) every 12 to 24 hours or as needed for severe ailments and pain management. For larger bottles/droppers, adjust accordingly.

Q: Is GOHO safe to topically apply anywhere?
A: Do not get GOHO in your eyes. It can be topically appled everywhere else. GOHO does cause sexual stimulation so we suggest using our “Body Budder” for Vulvodynia, etc.

Q: Can GOHO be used as a face cream?
A: Used nightly, GOHO will reduce deep wrinkles, sun spots, and bags under the eyes, however, GOHO does promote hair regrowth so we do suggest using our “Body Budder” which does not stimulate hair regrowth.

Q: Can GOHO be used as a sexual lubricant?
A: Yes. It will increase the female libido, loosen the vaginal muscles, and even promote healing of any pH imbalance. For men it will increase the blood flow and sensation.

Q: Does GOHO help with mood disorders such as anxiety and depression?
A: GOHO helps with both depression and anxiety. Taking GOHO daily helps elevate the mood in a positive way. Put a few drops under the tongue as needed for anxiety.

Q: Can GOHO help with our autistic son/daughter?
A: We have had several of our clients inform us that their child’s symptoms of autism seemed to lessen, if not fade away altogether after they began treating their child with GOHO. However, current federal and state laws prohibit this form of medication for personal use unless the user has a valid OMMP card. This would also apply to children of adults with OMMP cards. If your child is not currently enrolled as an Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient, it is illegal to administer GOHO to them.

Q: Does GOHO help with chronic pain?
A: GOHO does help with chronic pains. It can be applied topically for quick pain relief, or ingested in high doses.

Q: I have an immune deficiency disease. Will GOHO do anything for me?
A: Yes. Take orally every 4 to 24 hours for increased overall health boost.

Q: Does GOHO help with Lupus?
A: Yes. Use topically on all skin abrasions, painful joints, scalp, or areas with hair loss. Take orally every 8 to 24 Hours for immune system boost, to promote sleep, and ease stiffness.

Q: Does GOHO help with Fibromyalgia?
A: Yes. Apply topically to all areas in pain. Take orally every 8 to 24 hours to increase pain relief.

Q: Can I use GOHO for burns?
A: When you apply GOHO topically to a burn, it will heat up and then cool off just as quickly. Use as needed for pain management. Continued use will prevent or minimize scarring.

Q: Can GOHO remove old scars?
A: Yes. GOHO has been known to reduce the appearance of old scars externally, and break up scar tissue internally.

Q: I have fibroids throughout my body that grow larger over time. Would GOHO have any effect on these?
A: Yes. GOHO reduces fibroids. Take two-three capsules orally every day and apply topically to the fibroids as well.

Q: How much GOHO do I use to remove a mole, wart, or skin cancer lesion?
A: Use just enough to cover the area every 12 to 24 hours. Continue use until site is completely healed and skin looks normal again.

Q: How much GOHO should I give my animal/pet to help with her skin condition?
A: Apply a few drops topically to all bumps, lumps, red spots, rashes, bites, cuts, etc. If your animal starts licking off the medicine then we suggest using our non-scented (naked) body budder.

Q: How much GOHO should I give my animal/pet to help with their overall well-being? 
A: Every animal should have a daily dose of two-three drops on their food, however, the more your pet ingest the better the outcome in health and wellness.


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