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In 2007, Steven Ray, now known as “Golden,” became a caregiver for a paraplegic MS patient who was growing Cannabis for his constant seizures. When Golden first saw the plants, they were in such poor condition that he decided to study the art of growing. Months later, after the harvest of a wonderfully healthy crop, his patient’s seizures nearly stopped. Golden did not realize it then, but that was the beginning of GOHO.

In 2008, Golden’s wife Amanda hurt her back, suffering excruciating pain from a herniated disc. Her doctor prescribed strong drugs. After months of treatment, she was finally diagnosed with Degenerated Disc Disease. She remained on potent pain medication for the next two years. The drugs hardly relieved the pain. They did, however, cause her to become practically unconscious, and unable to work. She suffered paralysis and weakness in her leg and then had surgery to remove the injured disc. But soon, the pain returned. Opiates and steroids were her only medical options. Amanda, at just 27 years old, had become a drug zombie with a poor prognosis. Her doctor recommended another serious back surgery-advising her that even with additional screws and a metal plate in her back, she would still be in pain. She would need an internal drug pump for the rest of her life. Golden and Amanda chose another path.

With the knowledge he gained from his MS patient-and a deep reverence for Cannabis-Golden decided to produce a healing oil that might help Amanda. After many attempts, he succeeded! Now, Amanda takes no pain pills and has no disability. She enjoys an active, happy life and takes the oil every day.

In 2011, Golden and Amanda decided to share their healing oil with anyone who needed it. The results couldn’t be denied; it helped every problem beyond their wildest imagination. And so, in 2012, Golden’s Organic Healing Oil was born!



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